so you want to be a software engineer… wait, why?

Problem solving. It’s pretty simple. If something is not right, you develop a solution that makes it right. That’s what drew me to software engineering. Software engineers solve problems great and small. You don’t know how to get from point A to point B? You need to know if it’s going to rain tomorrow? You need somebody to walk your dog? You need to find a good doctor? There are widely available tools that connect you with information or people that solve these problems, and those tools were made by software engineers.

Humans progress as individuals and as a collective consciousness by solving problems. We fix the things that need fixing. As we get better at fixing and solving, we can set your sights on bigger problems. To me, that is the beauty of learning to write code — you start off with incredibly simple things like alphabetizing a grocery list, and eventually you can make tools to predict how bad hurricane season is going to be. I see software engineering as a way to become the best problem solver I can be. It is going to allow me to tackle bigger and bigger problems as I learn.

It seems to me that nowadays every effort to increase human understanding and efficacy is reliant on software engineers to some degree. If there is a big problem that humanity is facing (I sure can think of a few), the likelihood is that a software engineer is going to play a role in developing a solution. I’m excited to be one of those people that others turn to when they need help solving problems!

Stay tuned!